The Top Mexican Restaurants of Tokyo


Where to Find Great Tasting Mexican Food in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a great city which is full of restaurants and other places to chill. As a matter of fact there are not many Mexican restaurants in Tokyo. It would also not be wrong to say that the Mexican restaurants in Tokyo tastes like Japanese food, made to suit the tastes of locals. Mexico has got a very rich heritage and old culture. The food we get in these restaurants, the latin language, the ambience we feel and the music we get to hear, all tells us a tale about Mexico.


Craving Mexican food? Well then head to these places!

I visited some of the Mexican restaurants in Tokyo which were the best from the rest. Here, I will talk about the top Mexican eateries in Tokyo.
El Quixico
El Quixico is owned by Nishi-Ogikubo which is the best Mexican restaurant towards the west side of Tokyo. During the peak hours there is too much of a rush but the services of this restaurant are so fine that it is worth it to wait your turn.

Have the beef fajitas and the chicken quesadillas and you’ll walk out satisfied. We visited this restaurant on Wednesday as it is closed on Monday and every 3rd Tuesday. Prices are reasonable and frozen margaritas are a plus. Important point to remember is you can only pay by cash in this restaurant.
Ambe Cuatro

Ambe Cuatro is one of the top Mexican restaurants and is owned by an elderly couple. Today, I visited this restaurant with one of my Japanese friends. Location is great and just a couple minutes walk from Akasaka station. I tried the specialty of this restaurant which is chicken over rice along with grilled pork tacos.

The main attraction of this restaurant is the live Latin music which is performed on Thursday and Friday nights. We saw couples enjoying their time here and thought that it would be a nice date spot to relax and kick back. If you want to taste some best Mexican dishes along with great music then your search ends here.
La Jolla
La Jolla joins the list of the top Mexican restaurants in Tokyo. This restaurant is very much an American style restaurant in Tokyo as you get to see lots of piñatas and sombreros. ‘La Jolla’ comes from a Spanish word meaning shining gem. Not specifically suited for dating couples, this restaurant is very popular with families and their kids.

This restaurant offers some scrumptious vegetable dishes which has become the favorite place of many vegetarian lovers. The fantastic restaurant opens in three shifts and the evening is especially busy.
Junk Adelic
Junk Adelic is a lovely restaurant and is located in an unusual location which is under the railway tracks. Since I was staying at Naka-Meguro station it just took me ten minutes on foot to reach this lovely restaurant. This restaurant has made its good reputation for serving Tex-Mex food and drinks. We ordered the nachos, fajitas and burritos which were very fresh and tasty.

I liked the atmosphere of this restaurant which has dark interiors along with the wrestling movies being played on the walls. This situation gives you a perfect underground feeling. My girlfriend wasn’t too impressed as she thought the interior was pretty drab. You get to see the festive atmosphere in this restaurant which can easily accommodate 40 people. The staff of this restaurant speaks English and you can order vegan as well as vegetarian dishes which would be presented in a homely fashion. We finished off our meals with a couple of strong margaritas.

There were two private rooms to this restaurant which you can opt for if you are looking for peace and quiet. I made the reservation in advance as this restaurant is mostly booked for parties. Junk Adelic is closed on Tuesdays and you should not forget to carry cash, as once again credit cards are not accepted.
La Casita
La Casita is on an exclusive list which is the top Mexican restaurant in Tokyo. Offering Tokyo Mexican-food since 1976 this restaurant has given new direction to Mexican fare. I visited this place with my girlfriend and ended up paying around 4000 yen for the whole meal.

The dishes cooked in this restaurant are very fresh and almost prepared to the same standards of the Japanese cuisine. You better like things hot, as they use plenty of hot peppers in their dishes which are directly imported from Mexico. Open from noon to 10pm daily and closed on Tuesdays.
El Rincon de Sam
El Rincon de Sam is another fantastic Mexican restaurant in Tokyo where you can relax. The best thing I found about this restaurant is that it is open for all seven days of the week. Couples should check out this restaurant as it has the perfect combination of food and music. Romantic guitar music is also heard.

This restaurant is owned by Sam Moreno who is also a musician. The live performance by Sam Moreno inspired me to visit this fantastic place as I love music. Pick up the maracas and sing along with Sam’s wife Rumi. She also plays an important role in managing this restaurant as you can see her serving tequila shrimp and cactus salad. You can also see her dancing in Mexican style joined by the other staff member of this restaurant. The sautéed prawn shrimp with rice and octopus with garlic did not disappoint.

El Rincon de Sam has been in the market for more than 20 years and business is good. You get authentic food, live music and dancing so what else could you ask for? This restaurant truly supports the favorite quotes of Shakespeare ‘If music is the food of love then play on’. We’ll frequent this place again on our next trip out.

All the above restaurants are the list of the top Mexican restaurants in Tokyo. These restaurants offers authentic Mexican food and also reflects the rich Mexican tradition. Some of the restaurants offer live Latin music while there are others which present the traditional Mexican style dance. If you like music then these restaurants are a must visit for you. They are the best in their own way and not like the many other restaurants in which the Mexican food tastes like typical Japanese cuisine.

I visited these restaurants as they had many things to offer. The food was certainly one of those things but the politeness and good service of the staff touched me from within. They are in a class of their own and you should always remember to make a reservation for these places as there is always great crowds. In addition, don’t forget to carry cash as most of these top Mexican restaurants in Tokyo do not accept credit cards.

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