The Top Ten Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo is a fantastic place full of rich culture and boasts of having some of the best romantic restaurants in the world. The location and ambiance of these restaurants are simply perfect for those special romantic moments. As Valentines day is approaching you certainly want to look for a restaurant to give a pleasant surprise for your beloved.

Guide to Tokyo’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Here we will discuss about the top ten romantic restaurants in Tokyo. All these restaurants have breathtaking views and of course delicious food. To add fun to the atmosphere most of these restaurants have a dress code so you can certainly dress to impress.

10. Ginza Sky Lounge


At Ginza Sky Lounge you can enjoy the spectacular revolving 360 degree views of Central Tokyo. Live piano music is played while you dine and special dinner sets are offered so bring your date, family or loved ones here for the experience. The Kuroge Wagyu beef fillet with grilled wild vegetables and Seafood Gratin was scrumptious.

Based on the atmosphere, service and reputation, it precedes what we’ve heard about this restaurant. My girlfriend could not stop raving about the amazing views that Sky Lounge provided, even days after our meal. This exceptional restaurant is open from 11am till 10pm.

9. Chateau de Joel Robuchon

 Chateau de Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon is one of the most romantic restaurants in Tokyo which needs no introduction. Upon our arrival, the wonderful waiters greeted us with a smile and took our jackets. I knew that my girlfriend would have a special night from then on.

This restaurant is fabulous and is situated on a castle at the Yebisu Garden Place. We found the interior of this place very attractive with crystal and chandelier accents. The best thing which I liked the most about this restaurant is that the menu changes on a regular basis which gave us a taste of a number of fantastic dishes.

I found the price of this restaurant pretty expensive as you have to pay for a set menu between 10000 and 30000 yen for lunch and between 22000 and 42000 yen for dinner. However, it was worth paying this price for the food and love we got from the staff of this restaurant. Joel Robuchon is hands down well deserving of its 3 Michelin Star Rating!

8. Atelier Morimoto XEX

 Chateau de Joel Robuchon

Located in Roppongi, Atelier Morimoto XEX is often frequented by celebrities, foreigners and locals alike. The restaurant features private dining rooms, an exquisite white wood sushi bar counter and a sofa lounge near the warm fireplace.

We had numerous choices of different cuts of beef and finally went with the Wagyu. Our teppanyanki was simply delicious as we enjoyed the skilled chefs preparing the dishes right in front of us.

It’s a great place for your special anniversary to savor the traditional taste of Japanese cuisine. You’ll love the food here and we’ll definitely be back again.

7. Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai


Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai is another restaurant which serves kaiseki courses and offers a private-room dining experience where reservations are recommended. The Japanese Koi pond and private gardens provided a romantic setting while we savored our food.

Their homemade tofu is made with soybeans and spring water and has a sweet distinctive taste. You can also enjoy their different seasonal seafood and vegetables year round.

The surroundings are truly lovely, the service was superb and the food presentation was impeccable. My girlfriend kept going on about the Kobe beef and tofu which I found to be exquisite. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm and closed on Mondays.

6. Piacere at Shangri-la Hotel


Like other famous restaurants of Tokyo the Piacere Shangri-la Hotel has a breathtaking night view and is situated on the 28th floor of the Marunouchi Tower. We strongly recommend you ask for a window seat to make the most of your stunning views of Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace.

This high-end restaurant is more friendly than others as the Chef walks around and greets you at your table. Different but much appreciated nonetheless. I had the delicious poached Japanese halibut in yuzu citrus sauce and my girlfriend appreciated the Japanese chestnut meringue with chocolate cream very much.

From the amazing pairing of food, wine and friendly staff, I can strongly recommend you try this place. Not cheap by any standard but truly, one of the best Italian Restaurants we’ve ever been to, not only in Japan but worldwide.

5. Ar’s Italian Cuisine (LUMIVEIL TOKYO)


This is where you can experience fine Italian cuisine on the 41st floor while enjoying the superior view. The hospitality here is top notch and they use only the best quality local ingredients. Ar’s Italian Cuisine offers a private LUCE ROOM for guests, an ideal space for 4 to 8 people. Their room charge is 10000 yen and lunch will set you back 6500 yen and for dinner 18000 yen.

Recommended are their special roasted duck from France with balsamic and black truffle carbonara, accompanied by their homemade pasta. For dessert don’t be shy to order the matcha chocolate with citron sauce.

4. China Blue at the Conrad Tokyo


This restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows and is located on the 27th floor giving you splendid views of Tokyo Bay and Hamarikyu Gardens. Well known for serving you award winning Chinese cuisine, China Blue also has an extensive wine menu to pair with dinner.

We ordered the Japanese Beef Fillet which was cooked to perfection and the Crab Miso was delectable. We sampled gourmet items from the menu and while some were better than others, our meal for the most part was delicious.

Be forewarned though that Chinese food from overseas will probably differ than those offered in Tokyo. Still yummy, yet adapted for Japanese tastes.

3. Tempura Yoshina at Hotel Nikko Tokyo


This is an exceptional romantic restaurant that also provides excellent views of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. I believe this place only seats 8 so try to make your reservations well in advance.

You haven’t had the best Tempura until you sit across from the Chef and he skillfully prepares your food, piece by piece. My girlfriend really liked that the staff were very welcoming and dressed up in traditional kimonos.

The Chef spoke English very well, while serving us delights such as fish, eel, tempura prawns, sweet potatoes and much more. Opening hours for Tempura Yoshina are from 11:30am to 9:30pm.

2. Symphony Tokyo Bay Restaurant & Cruise


What better way to spend a romantic evening than having dinner on a sunset cruise around Tokyo Bay? Food and entertainment was delightful. Our entertainment on board consisted of a singer accompanied by a pianist. You’re advised to arrive earlier than the 4pm terminal departure time.

The staff are always on call to take pictures for you and the best time is during sunset of the Tokyo skyline. As you pass under the Rainbow Bridge, head up to the rooftop deck and bathe in each others company.

1. Kozue at Park Hyatt Tokyo


This romantic restaurant is situated at great heights on the 40th floor of the famous Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel. Kozue is very elegant and the decor adds to the ambiance while you dine.

If you’re planning to eat here, take my word for it, wait for a sunny day as you can see breathtaking sights of Mount Fuji. Take pictures but do it discretely as the couple next to us literally took photos of everything and were asked politely to put away their camera. It’s always recommended to try and reserve a table by the window at any of these restaurants.

They are also well known for their Japanese sake varieties and their food presentations were outstanding. With the set menu choices and impeccable service, we’re sure you’ll have a romantic time celebrating any special occasion.

All the above mentioned restaurants are undoubtedly the top ten romantic restaurants in Tokyo. Some of the restaurants have the best location while there are others who serve the best food. The food and ambiance of all these restaurants have no match and each restaurant has its own speciality.

The infrastructure and architecture of these restaurants are fantastic which gives you the most enthralling and memorable experience of your life. People visit these restaurants as they get the best of everything. Some of these famous restaurants are a bit expensive but the customer pays them happily as the services offered are truly fabulous. The staff of all these restaurants are very courteous and always greet you with a smile.

As a matter of fact these top ten romantic restaurants are continuously upgrading their standard and some of these places have been given prestigious awards. The cuisines served in these restaurants are  of the outmost variety from Japanese, Chinese to Italian dishes. All this you get by visiting a single city Tokyo.

The grilled dishes and the desserts offered in these restaurants just keep you tempted all the time. These restaurants are a must visit for everybody at least once in their life as you get to see the rich culture and heritage of Tokyo from a close distance.

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