Top 5 Shabu Shabu Restaurants in Shinjuku Tokyo


If there is one thing my girlfriend and I love doing when having some free time in Tokyo is finding new and interesting places to eat delicious food. One of the main trends in Japanese restaurants is called Shabu Shabu where you cook it with the help of some ingredients provided by the restaurant itself. This may sound a little strange at first, but after our first trip my girlfriend and I were hooked. Now, it’s common for us to go out with friends to Shabu Shabu restaurants around town where we have a great time.


What are the Best Shabu Shabu Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo?

Since we live near Shinjuku, we decided to visit all the Shabu Shabu restaurants in the area that we could and report on those that we felt were the best. Here are the top restaurants in Shinjuku Tokyo.

Tokyo Shabu Shabu Restaurants: The Top 5

MK Restaurant:
What makes this one unique is that much of the food is Thai-based which means it’s a little spicier, especially the dipping sauce which is wonderful. My girlfriend does not like spicy food all that much, so she goes for the Ponzu (citrus based sauce) which is served just right. I enjoy the Tom Yum soup base that is good for many of the meals served here. At the end of our meal, we had their Thai style Chinese egg noodle upon staff recommendation and it was wondrous.

Mo-Mo Paradise:
best,restaurants,shabushabu,shinjuku,tokyoEasily one of the most popular of all Shabu Shabu restaurants in the area, my girlfriend and I have enjoyed more than one dinner at this special place. We love the basics that include unlimited servings of chicken, vegetables, pork, beef, and noodles along with the great broth that pulls everything together. However, there is a time allocation of an hour and forty minutes, so we advise you to keep that in mind when visiting. Their all-you-can-eat courses range from 2000 to 4000 yen.

Sururi Udon Dining:
What a wonderful place to eat. Starting from when we entered through the doors, we could see the modern Japanese architecture with wood styling throughout the beautiful space. Sururi offers a great hot pot thanks to being an Udon specialist and I love the way they serve the noodles so you can dunk them in the broth when you finish up the meal. When I’m hungry, I love to come here and enjoy the great selection, although admittedly it’s a little pricey compared to many other Shabu Shabu restaurants.

best,shabushabu,shinjuku,tokyoI do not like to include chain restaurants, but as my girlfriend points out this is a good exception. Not only because there are four of them in Shinjuku alone, but also because their menu is exceptional and the price just right. We like it that dessert is priced with the meal and the atmosphere is great. Best part about Nabezo is the fresh vegetables are purchased directly from Japanese farmers and their soups stocks do not have chemical seasonings or additives added.

When my girlfriend and I are hungry for a late-night dinner, this is the place to go for some of the best Shabu Shabu after midnight. They also serve Sukiyaki dishes as well and the beef is top quality. You get a lot for the price that includes tofu, vegetables, noodles, rice cakes or Mochi, and dessert. The ambiance is nice, but it’s the fact that it is open late that puts it in our top 5. Opening hours are seven days a week from 11am to 2am.

The top 5 Shabu Shabu restaurants in Shinjuku Tokyo have one thing in common, me and my girlfriend love coming to each one and feel that they represent the best in the area.

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