Weird Themed Restaurants in Tokyo


Every city has its fair share of weird themed restaurants, but none compares to Tokyo. So to fully drive home the point, I’ll be taking you through the top weird themed restaurants in Tokyo (trust me it was way more than 10) that we had the “privilege” of visiting during our fantastic stay in Tokyo.


Top Strange Themed Restaurants

1. Ninja Akasaka

If you love the dangerous life, then you will love the silent and danger filled ninja restaurant, Ninja Akasaka. Once greeted at the door, we were led by a ninja through hidden corridors, secret passageways and even over a drawbridge. My girlfriend thought this was great! The menu was also surprising as we ordered from a long scroll, like in the movies. The restaurant will give you a horrifying feeling that will send shivers down your spine and make you toss your food, so beware. We experienced some crazy theatrics that were performed by real-time “ninjas”.

2. Sengoku Buyuden

Another restaurant that we visited during our tour of the weirdly themed restaurants in Tokyo was the Sengoku Buyuden which is adorned with traditional samurai warriors that symbolically “protects ” diners. What’s more? The food there satisfied our taste buds to the fullest. Many remnants of this restaurant will take you back to the Samurai era.

3. Luxis – Aqua Restaurant & Bar

The Luxis is one restaurant that left us in awe as it is basically an aquatic bar and restaurant where you can see real fish and sea turtles swim by while you eat. It has this aura that feels calm and refreshing and my girlfriend totally loved it. What’s interesting is that the restroom even had a fish tank you can view.

4. Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant is without a doubt one of the weirdest and famous restaurants that we visited in Japan. Their cover charge is ¥7,000 and the prices for drinks and food leaves much to be desired. However, we were here to see a show and find out what the fuss was all about. Bright neon lights and mirrors lit up the place as dancers in bikinis entertained customers. This strange restaurant is fully packed with robots that are controlled by staff with a remote, and this gives the place an extreme and interesting look.

5. Zauo

Zauo is another unusual restaurant we visited, and in this location, you practically have to catch the food you eat because the wooden set of the restaurant is right above a river. We enjoyed a great meal right on top of the calm waters. This is definitely recommended as a unique place for dating couples, families and friends!

6. Capcom Bar

Capcom bar is one restaurant that will definitely interest you if you are a game addict as the restaurant is packed with food and drinks that are inspired by its iconic video games, such as Biohazard and Lara from Resident Evil. There are plenty of anime figures, toys and books to entertain you as well and customers are encouraged to watch anime and play games or perform. You can very well take a lucky prize home at the end of your meal.

7. Alice in Wonderland

We had to visit Alice in Wonderland due to my girlfriends love for the movie, and we weren’t disappointed as the beautiful place lived up to its name. We were even served Alice in Wonderland themed meals like Alice in Magical World. The cute menu was the most charming out of all of these and led to a fantastic dining experience. Very suitable for families and children alike.

8. Little TGV

The little TGV gave us the traveling feeling as we felt like we were in a train while having lunch in this restaurant. They had the usual train noise playing in the background and the experience was so real. The TGV has carriage seats, rail items and model trains that make it homey despite the navigation settings. This place is perfect for kids as they offer an English menu related to trains, of course.

9. Lock Up

The Lock Up was a fun visit in Tokyo as it had a lot of scary designs that gave us the chills. This prison themed eatery will put you in a cell and handcuffs will or will not be involved. The most amazing part of our visit to Lock Up was the scary attraction stunt they pulled off which we’re not going to spoil the ending, but surely you will be looking forward to seeing.

10. Maidreamin’s Digitized Café and Diner

The minute you step into this restaurant you get the feeling that you are in a different world as the maid café is basically a digital wonderland with a touch of the Mario video game. You will find boxes similar to the ones in Super Mario and the digital feel of the restaurant is matched by its good food. Staff are very friendly and speak in high-pitched cartoon voices and will entertain you by song and dance. It can’t be exempted in this list of top ten weirdest restaurants in Tokyo.


In spite of the strange themes of these restaurants, one thing in common with every single one is that they offer you top-level entertainment and serve meals that make you forget your diet goals. So if you’re looking to travel to Japan this holiday, don’t leave the city until you’ve visited at least one of the top ten weirdest restaurants in Tokyo.

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