Top 5 Coffee Shops in Shinjuku That I Would Love to Visit Again

While on visit to Tokyo, I never expected any enchantment from this city; reason being is Shinjuku is known for being a major economic hub. My girlfriend and I decided to tour Tokyo to see if such a busy ambiance is capable of holding our interest or not. To my astonishment, Tokyo and especially Shinjuku proved to be mesmerizing enough for its entertainment and business oriented dynamics. Although Shinjuku is a commercial center of the Tokyo, it never fails to provide peace of mind through its special offerings like restaurants and coffee houses.

As a coffee addict, I look forward to paying visits to Shinjuku’s coffee shops. Fortunately, I was able to spot the best coffee shops that didn’t give up on Japanese traditions while offering this ultimate western drink.


Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Shinjuku

Here are the top five coffee shops that one must try while being in Tokyo:

1. Dug Jazz Cafe & Bar


This coffee house in Shinjuku is something that one should visit while roaming in the streets of town. It is located in the busy area surrounded by numerous shops. DUG is another old café that distinguishes itself not merely by the history; it features the evolution of Japan’s Pop and Jazz musical culture.

What I liked most about DUG was its more vibrant neighborhood and its historic brick-exposed interior. We couldn’t find the exact location but someone was courteous enough to show us the way towards the small basement bar. My girlfriend complemented on the taste of the coffee and it was a bonus that I managed to drink some champagne while enjoying the live musical performance.

Address: 3-15-12 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022
TEL: 03-3354-7776

2. Tajimaya Coffee Shop


How does it feel like to drink coffee in Tokyo? Tajimaya Coffee shop could be the best place to get this answer. Their commitment to coffee is second-to-none and your first cup will be blissfully delicious. My girlfriend and I were looking to satiate our craving for coffee when we passed by Tajimaya Coffee shop main store in Shinjuku.

First impression that the ambiance left on us was excellent. The shop is nicely furnished and elegantly decorated with imprints of Japanese traditions. Furthermore, it was not so crowded, something that allowed us to better converse with each other, while sipping the hot coffee.

Address: 1-2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023
TEL: 03-3342-0881

3. Rejiig


I found Rejiig to be an ideal place for just hanging out. Its ambience is amazing and perfect for celebrating any occasion. Spacious sitting room with a unique lighting arrangement provides an ideal platform for being with your friends or partner. Whenever I go to some new wonderful place, I always feel lucky to be in her company. Even for something so simple as grabbing coffee.

A cup of coffee here usually costs 1000 Yen which is not unusual for such stores in Japan. Apart from the regular drinks, our coffee came with a special chocolate topping; a perfect way to compliment any special moment. You can also order something more customizable to suit your taste.

Address: 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022
TEL: 03-3356-5351

4. L’ambre


At times coffee has to be complimented by some pancakes, pastries, cakes and other such eatables. All this tasty and sweet stuff is what attracted my girlfriend more towards L’ambre. That’s why we couldn’t resist to skip this shop to start.

Coming to atmosphere, the place is worthy to be called a coffee house as it includes a spacious sitting hall that features the old classic décor of the 1950s. The neatly furnished café with an antique looking interior is how L’ambre distinguishes itself from other coffee halls. The place is also not so crowded and is perfect to enjoy a more personal experience over a cup of coffee.

Address: 3-31-3 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022
TEL: 03-3352-3361

5. Toraya Café AN STAND Shinjuku


If you want to try some unique tastes of coffee with a presentation you have never seen before, then try Toraya Café. Its specialty is the coffee set with bean paste on toast. The ambiance is also perfect and if you’re in the mood to discover some new tastes with your partner then Toraya Café is a must visit.

Even if you are likely to grimace over some strange concoctions you’ve never heard of before, it would still be fun to experience this together. Apart from special coffee it has an adorable atmosphere that’s offered to their visitors.

Address: 5-24-55 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0051
TEL: 03-6273-1073


Although the first thing on your mind while in Tokyo is not for the coffee selections. Shinjuku offers plenty of nice choices. Coffee must have a few distinct qualities; it should be fresh, captivating, tasty and capable of helping you relax and engage in a conversation with someone sitting adjacent to you. All the above mentioned cafés of Shinjuku provide a coffee experience that best fits this definition.

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