The Top Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo


Which Sushi Restaurants Should You Eat at While in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a great city and is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world. Sushi restaurants occupy a special place in Japan and Tokyo is the hub of sushi restaurants. There are between 4500 and 5000 restaurants in Tokyo which is a very big number. We also visited some of these best sushi restaurants and dining at these fantastic places were great fun.


There’s So Many Sushi Places in Tokyo. What to Choose?

Make your reservations as far in advance as possible to avoid missing out. Here’s a list of the top sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

Ichibancho Teruya


Ichibancho Teruya is one of the famous restaurants in Tokyo. My girlfriend and I visited this restaurant a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. The Chef of this restaurant is Teruya Iida who is a very renowned chef in Tokyo. It is important to mention here that Teruya went to New York for studies and from there he moved to Manhattan for his sushi training. As a matter of fact he is one of the few chefs in Tokyo who are fluent in English.

One thing which made me visit this restaurant is that while eating I could chat with the chef. Couples will love the ambiance of this place and be treated to too many tasty dishes to count. The bonito nigiri with onion was so good, you got to try this for yourself! Apart from sushi dishes I even got a chance to taste the desserts at this restaurant. We paid around 20000 yen for the omakase course and it was well worth the experience.

Sushi Hirose

Sushi Hirose is another sushi restaurant in Tokyo and needs no introduction. Sushi Hirose restaurant is among those few restaurants which do not keep Tuna in their menu. The credit for the popularity of this amazing restaurant goes to Chef Ryuji Hirose.

I tasted the marinated dish from Chef Ryuji Hirose in which the marination was done by keeping the fish in kelp. Some of the other dishes which I got to taste in this restaurant were the sea bass, octopus and sea robin. The price for Omakase course with nigiri is around 8000 yen. My girlfriend ordered the Omakase course with all the trimmings and paid around 12000 yen. The memories of the delicious food of this restaurant still tempt me at times.

Sushi Hayakawa

Sushi Hayakawa joins the list of some of the top sushi restaurants in Tokyo. I visited this restaurant a few months ago and got to taste some of the best sushi dishes. The Chef Akira Hayakawa has used many different methods in the preparation of dishes which I did not see in other sushi restaurants.

I tried the special dish of this restaurant which is the Hayakawa special. This dish is made from the belly of Tuna and served with flakes of truffle. Give the delicious Flying fish sashimi a try! The full course is available at 18000 yen but I visited this restaurant on a Sunday and paid around 8000 yen for a course. Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours here and enjoy the intimate, cozy atmosphere.


Masuda is yet another top sushi restaurant in Tokyo and it is very difficult to get a reservation here. This restaurant has been opened by Chef Rei Masuda. Somehow I was able to get a place at this fantastic restaurant. There are many different things in this restaurant which made me dine here. I got to select from a wide range of appetizers along with stewed dishes.

The quality of the ingredients used is exceptional and I even tasted the vinegar based sushi rice which was very delicious. Chef Masuda states that the purchasing of fresh fish is of utmost importance, so he always goes to Tsukuji Fish Market. This fantastic restaurant has been awarded the most prestigious Michelin award in 2014.

Sushi Daizen


Sushi Daizen is also one of the top restaurants in Tokyo. We visited this restaurant because of the fact that they specialize in many fish dishes which included sardines and mackerel. This popular restaurant is situated strangely under a mounted railway track and has little space but that did not restrict us from our dining experience.

The chu-toro was great but it all comes back to the mackerel varieties which deserves special mention. The specialty of this restaurant is sashimi and miso soup. Another thing which I liked about this restaurant that I was able to bring my own selected drinks with me. The staff of this restaurant do not speak English but you always see their smiling face which gives you a relaxed family atmosphere.

Address: 2-1-21 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006
Tel: 03-3581-6641


Takesushi is also a great restaurant and is one of the high-end restaurants of its area. Have your hotel concierge book this for you if you don’t speak Japanese. Recommendations for trying this restaurant were that they serve different dishes from other sushi restaurants.

Bring your date to this restaurant and she’ll be truly impressed with your choice. The fish dish served in this restaurant contains milt and seared barracuda instead of the regular flounder or Tuna. A wonderful unique addition to the menu.

I found this restaurant to be great as I got the best dish at half the price. In addition I even got to choose from more than 20 sakes. There is great rush on Saturdays so I did my reservation well in advance. Take sushi is one of those few sushi restaurants which offer the best dishes with very reasonable prices.

Why you Should try These Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

All the above sushi restaurants are amongst the top sushi restaurants in Tokyo. We just cannot compare these places as each one of these restaurants specialize in their own unique way. The dishes served in these restaurants are very special and the Chefs are continuously trying to offer you something new. Some of these restaurants have the incredible way of changing their menus on a daily basis which is a big challenge.

Sushi restaurants are fantastic and the dishes served here are made with utmost perfection. One great feature of these restaurants which impressed me is that you can chat with your favorite chef while having your food. It is also very exciting to see the preparation of some dishes right in front of your eyes. There is no doubt in the fact that these sushi restaurants are just like heaven for seafood lovers. The food served in these restaurants are healthy as well as hygienic. If you are looking to get some amazing dining experiences you should make it a point to visit the sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

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