The Top Tofu Restaurants in Tokyo


What Makes These Tokyo Tofu Restaurants so Healthy and Tasty?

Tokyo is a very popular city which has some of the best restaurants in the world. The Tofu restaurants of Tokyo are renowned for their great quality of food. Tofu is a fantastic ingredient and has many health benefits and due to this quality I decided to visit the Tofu restaurants of Tokyo. It is a rich source of calcium, iron and amino acids. The curdling of soymilk and then cooling it is the most popular way of making Tofu. The good thing about Tofu is that it can be cooked in many ways in order to change its texture from smooth to crisp.

If you Love Tofu, These are Must Try Restaurants!

The restaurants of Tokyo are known for serving some mouth watering dishes of Tofu. Here we will discuss about some of the top Tofu restaurants in Tokyo which I happened to visit with my girlfriend.


Sasanoyuki is a famous Tofu restaurant in Tokyo and is conveniently located 2 minutes from the JR Yamanote line (Ueno station). This restaurant is a bit expensive and it charges around 3000 yen to 7000 yen for dinner for a single person. You need to get the reservation done if you want to visit this beautiful restaurant.

Very traditional in a sense, we had to take off our shoes before stepping inside and were sat down window-side next to the lovely garden. My girlfriend and I had the set dinner menu. The creativity in preparing this multiple tofu course in too many numerous ways to count, resulted in the best tofu meal I ever had in my,tofu,restaurants,tokyo

Opening hours are from 11am in the morning till 8pm at night. Closed on Holidays and Mondays. A very good sign was that we noticed many local diners inside and were amazed with this cultural Japanese experience.

Address: Taito-ku, Tokyo Negishi 2-15-10
Tel: 03-3873-1145

Chen Mapo Tofu Akasaka Ark Hills Store

Next on our list of top tofu restaurants in Tokyo is Chen Mapo Akasaka Ark Hills.  They offer an elegant Chinese cuisine in a charming and casual setting. Their mabo tofu and seasonings are directly imported from the Sichuan Province. The tofu with rice set offers a painful, yet addictive taste which I couldn’t help but finish my dish.

Their specialty also includes bamboo fried shrimp, mushroom stir fry and sauteed sweet chicken with a miso sauce. Chen Mapo Akasaka also has a marvelous rich mango pudding dessert. Enter early or expect there to be a lineup formed outside.

Access: 10 minutes on foot from Akasaka station
Address: 106-0032 Tokyo , Minato-ku, Akasaka 1-12-32 Ark Mori Building 2F
Tel: 03-3505-2228

Tofuya Ukai

Tofuya Ukai is another excellent tofu restaurant which serves kaiseki courses and offers a private-room dining experience where reservations are recommended. The Japanese Koi pond and private garden provided a romantic setting while we savored our food. Their homemade tofu is made with soybeans and spring water and has a sweet distinctive taste. You can also enjoy their different seasonal seafood and vegetables year round.

The surroundings are truly lovely, the service was superb and the food presentation was impeccable. My girlfriend kept raving about the Kobe beef and tofu which I found to be exquisite. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm and closed on Mondays.

Address: 4-4-13 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 03-3436-1028

Tofu Ryori Sorano

Last but not least of our top restaurants is Tofu Ryori Sorano. The private space and specialty tofu cooked at the table was delicious. Everything we had was visually appealing and artfully presented. We were very happy with the service, atmosphere, and ambiance of the place.

The tofu dumpling and fried chicken in tofu skin were standouts. Whether a meat connoiseur or don’t like the taste of tofu, give this restaurant a try as you might be a tofu convert afterwards. Everything is artfully presented and delicious. We were served a soft Tofu Tiramisu at the end of our course. For a couple, we ended up paying a reasonable 5000 yen.

Address: 4-17 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031 Tokyo Cherry Garden 1F
Tel: 03-5728-5191

The Best Way to Sample Tofu in Tokyo!

All the above Tofu restaurants in Tokyo are the best of the lot. I noticed that each and every restaurant had something special to offer. If one restaurant is good at pricing the other is good in its ambiance. The simplicity and courtesy are two things which are found in the staff of these top Tofu restaurants of Tokyo.

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