Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is suprisingly well know for it’s vegetarian restaurants and is famous for its historic temples, gardens and rich culture. The shopping and entertainment in Tokyo is fantastic and not to forget the cuisine variety of this place superb. The fantastic dining experience in this capital city is something which you will never forget and it will tempt your tastebuds every time. If you do not eat meat, then here we have the top ten vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo which you must try out if you happen to visit this place.


Vegan-Vegetarian Survival Guide in Tokyo

10. Sasaya Cafe


The Sasaya Café is a favorite choice for many travelers after their sightseeing adventures. It’s located near the famous Sky Tree and has an elegant interior made of wood. The atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect for couples and is very family-friendy. It’s located in Shinsui Park and has a nice, clean and cheerful atmosphere. We ordered the fried tempeh and Indian curry which was amazing. A specialty of Sasaya’s are their cakes and organic ice cream, that you must try.

9. Tudore Tranquility

Tudore Tranquility is a vegetarian restaurant which speaks largely about the upscale communities of Tokyo. This award winning top class restaurant provides great food, a charming atmosphere and is situated nearby Yoyogi Park. They offer exquisite dishes by using different herbs and spices that perfectly complement each other. Simply by reserving your place you can enjoy many things which include veggie brunch on Sundays and fabulous eight-course meals from Wednesday to Saturday nights. It would be great if you make Tudore Tranquility your next treat.

8. Bon

Bon is a very popular restaurant which is famous for its exquisite cuisines. They provide shojin ryori style dishes inspired by Buddhist Monks from centuries ago. I can’t put into words how good the food here is except for it being of the highest quality and amazing. Sure you’re going to spend a little more than at your typical vegan cafe but the ambiance and tatami mats take you back to traditional Japanese style. The dinner set costs 10,000 yen and if you decide to dine here, then remember to reserve by phone as you need to specify the ordered menu in advance.

7. Kushi Garden

This popular vegetarian restaurant is located nearby the famous Imperial Palace and the National Museum of Modern Art. Kushi Garden is amongst the oldest restaurants in Tokyo and uses only organic vegetables and grains in the preparation of meals. After our visit to the Imperial Palace, we were famished and wanting to have a nice sit-down meal. Once seated we noticed that the menu was in Japanese and the staff spoke limited English but not to worry, there are photos included so you can point and choose. Their menu consisted of curries, pizza, pastas, soba noodles and a dinner set was also offered. My girlfriend had the tempeh rice bowl (made from soybeans) and it was scrumptious. Kushi Garden also has a vegan buffet on the 4th Saturday of every month for 3500 yen. It includes 15 different vegan entrees, rice, drinks, curry and a variety of desserts. In my opinion, well worth the price.

6. Meu Nota

This is a tiny vegan style cafe, located on the second floor that has been opened since 2010. They do not use any dairy products, fish, eggs or meat in their cooking and the ingredients mainly consist of fresh vegetables, grains and cereals. The staff were very efficient and prices were more reasonable than most vegetarian places in Tokyo. An English menu is available as well as a list of tapas, curry and pasta choices. The peperoncino pasta, shiitake tempura and seasonal curry were simply delicious. There was also jazz music playing in the background which added enjoyment to our meal.

5. Olu Olu Cafe

The Olu Olu Café is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant which offer their specialties of curry and vegan gyoza. Their Hawaiian themed English menu is expansive and also includes descriptions of what you are about to eat. You can choose from tofu chicken, taco rice, traditional Loco Moco, brown rice and much, much more. Their presentation of the food was fantastic and the English speaking staff were very attentive, in patiently answering all our questions. My girlfriend loved the Hawaiian decor throughout and the relaxed ambiance of this place. It’s not just the food of this restaurant which will make you return but it’s also the environment.

4. Tamana Shokudo

This restaurant, formerly known as Natural Food Studio, is all about health and the environment. Opening for business in 2011, Tamana Shokudo is an organic restaurant that has attracted food lovers from all over the world. It’s a little hidden, located in a quiet corner of Omotesando, which offers plenty of shopping and delicious restaurants. Their philosophy is based upon the Macrobiotic diet with a mix of Japanese, French and Italian authentic cuisines. Using the finest ingredients that are locally produced, provides you with the freshest meal possible. What’s great is the fact that they also have a grocery store and a cooking school for people who want to learn more about this style of cooking.

3. Komaki Syokudo

As you know it is not that easy to find a vegetarian restaurant in Japan. After getting lost for 15 mins, we finally found Komaki Syokudo which is located at the shopping complex in Chabara. They provide an English menu that offers a nice variety of dishes and have English speaking staff. The place was very relaxing and the prices were reasonable. If you love dessert, the sesame ice cream with red beans is highly recommended by my girlfriend. I think we paid 3500 yen for the both of us and were stuffed by the time we walked out of there.

2. Restaurant 8tablish Pure Deli & Store

This nice vegan restaurant, used to be known as Pure Cafe has been relocated to a new location just minutes away from their old location. It’s a nice vegan restaurant with English speaking staff, healthy food and wonderful service. Our Japanese friend recommended this to us, as we were shopping in Omotesando and it was located just a few minutes from Omotesando Station. Most vegan places do not open for breakfast but luckily 8tablish is. An interesting pastime in Tokyo is people-watching, so grab a couples seat by the window and enjoy your meal while conversing.

1. Nataraj Ginza store

They offer a Macrobiotic healthy set as well as a single, double and triple set depending on how hungry you are. There’s also a special all-you-can-eat curry buffet on the weekdays from 11:30am til 3:00pm for 1150 yen. You can choose from 4 different types of curry, including Nan bread, rice, salad, a drink and dessert. We noticed that the staff were very accommodating while serving us and the atmosphere was so wonderful. Nataraj is in an excellent neighbourhood and is huge, spreading over a total of 3 floors.


The above mentioned restaurants are the top ten vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo. This is just a tip of the iceberg of a city rich in culture and great tourist attractions. Who knows? You might convert to vegetarian ways after having these experiences or at least deter from meat, at least for a a little while.

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