Top Yakitori Shops in Shibuya…Tasty Japanese Chicken Skewers

There were many Yakitori shops we wanted to try if we ever returned to Japan. With so many other tempting choices such as tempura, teriyaki chicken, shiitake mushroom, tonkatsu and teppanyaki to dissuade us. But, when you’re in Shibuya, look to Yakitori for a quick and tasty treat. We know we don’t really have to go to Tokyo to get a taste of these dishes but we wanted to taste authentic Japanese food in an true Japanese setting. In my opinion, most Japanese restaurants overseas cannot match up. So my girlfriend and I went to enjoy the many Yakitori places Shibuya has to offer.


Delicious Yakitori – Grilled to Perfection

When we were in Japan, one of the dishes my girlfriend and I had to try was yakitori. We were curious as to what kind of cuisine exactly this Japanese chicken treat was. What we know is that it’s chicken, cooked or grilled and then served on a kushi – steel, bamboo or any other wood stick. Yakitori is served in different sauces and seasonings and is a typical kind of street food. To satisfy our curiosity, we visited these top yakitori shops in Shibuya.

Gonpachi Shibuya


Gonpachi is different than all other yakitori shops that we went to. This is quite a big restaurant, one that’s beautifully decorated and provides you with an amazing view, besides the delicious food. The restaurant is located on the 14th floor and the rich interior can accommodate many guests.

My girlfriend especially enjoyed the glass elevator ride up to this place. For couples that are looking to have a luxurious dining experience, the tasty selection of dishes besides yakitori and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is just perfect.

Teppen Shibuya Onna Dojo


The Teppen Shibuya Onna Dojo is but a hidden jewel of a restaurant that’s a 10 minute walk from Shibuya Station. While it may be small, my girlfriend and I appreciated how cheerful and friendly the restaurant’s staff were. When we were there eating our Japanese chicken yakitori, we felt really relaxed with the lively atmosphere brought on by its traditional setup.

Their business hours are great for late night snacking as last call for food is at midnight and for drinks at 12:30am respectively. Food here is very affordable with a lovely selection of numerous types of yakitori. Which parts of the chicken do you like? You’ll find out fast as you try almost every one, like we did.



This is an excellent yakitori shop that serves up some of the most incredible chicken dishes we’ve ever had. They have a different style of cooking your yakitori here, where diners grill their own skewers. Make a reservation because this popular place is small and especially if you want to order their specialty Onitei Nabe, which you need to call in and book at least a day in advance. Their original sauces really brings out the true flavors of the chicken and that’s why their loyal customers keep returning.


One of the yakitori shops we went is Torifuku, a cozy restaurant in Nonbei Yokocho. Nonbei Yokocho is a small alley in Shibuya where over 30 small Izakayas are found. Torifuku has a very pleasant atmosphere for couples and friends where they can feel relaxed.

When it comes to this type of cuisine, we love that there’s a fairly large selection of yakitori dishes to choose from. We ordered a nice Japanese sake that perfectly complemented our food. As its many visitors claimed, we were more than satisfied with our experience in Torifuku.

Hinai Komachi


Not far away from Shibuya Station’s Hachiko entrance, we found the cozy restaurant that Hinai Komachi is. Curious about the name, we found it was named after the Akita region, a place in Japan most popular for chickens and chicken meats. It’s a fitting name for their specialties that come specifically from the Akita prefecture.

We certainly loved the especially tasty yakitori of the restaurant as well as its very calm ambiance. For the adventurous type, definitely try the delicious heart or white liver as it’s only limited to 1 skewer per customer.



In all other yakitori shops my girlfriend and I went to, the Toritake restaurant is one that really attracted us with its alluring smell of barbecue. When we came close to the restaurant, we could already smell the aromas of the barbecues wafting by. Locals love this place and long lineups can form during peak hours.

Also, dress accordingly, as you’ll certainly smell like smoke after eating at this establishment. Besides the incredible yakitori, we also love the very friendly staff, the food at affordable prices and a menu written in English which makes it easier for us to order.


Visiting Japan and going through Shibuya looking for the best yakitori shops was such a wonderful experience. We experienced firsthand Japanese hospitality, the extreme politeness that the country was known for and their truly exceptional cuisine. It is an experience we won’t ever forget.

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